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 E-Servo Culture


Servo Mission

Development of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

Leading Future of Servo Industry

Servo Vision

Servo system technology as the core, development as the first brand of high-end Servo system industry with international competitiveness.

Servo Core Value

Gratitude  Resposibility  Share  Service  Equality

Servo Value System

Morality------Social commitment  Good faith

Financial-----Customers, employees, partners is a community of interests;

Land to the tiller.

Talent---------Have both ability and moral, unconventional use;

           Have moral without ability, training use;

           Have ability without moral, limited use;

           Without both moral and ability, never use.

Service--------Customer is our God. Employee is our partner.

Quality--------Pursuit of Excellence. Defective zero tolerance.

Competitive--Actively integrated into the global intelligent manufacturing value

network, development and win-win cooperation with partners.

Servo Spirit

Change in Progressive

Constantly Strive for Perfection